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    Hi. My name is Sand Farnia. I'm the founder of Feather Laundry. I created this company because I was tired of working in the casino industry and watching people waste their lives away, or worse, helping them do it. I promised myself that I would spend the rest of my life working for and building companies that helped people live more fulfilling lives.


    This laundry company was born out of my desire to make a clean living for myself, figuratively and literally. I took an invitation from my brother, I quit my casino job in Tampa and moved to Dallas to start this company. I have no regrets and I'm excited about the future because I'm putting everything on the line here.


    I chose laundry delivery because it doubles down on my strongest attribute: great customer service. You can read more about my journey in my blog.


    If you need your laundry done please don't hesitate to text or call (214) 727-2339. You can also place an order online. I always go out of my way for my customers. Let me prove it!


    Thanks for visiting,

    -Sand Farnia

    Founder & CEO

    Feather Premium Laundry Company